Using the Rails Autoscale Dashboard

Launch your dashboard via the Heroku CLI (heroku addons:open rails-autoscale) or by clicking the add-on in the Heroku web interface.

The dashboard features two charts: the queue time chart, and the dynos chart.

Queue Time Chart

This chart shows your app’s 95th percentile queue times over the time range selected. Use the 24-hour overview chart at the top of the dashboard to refine your time range.

Your autoscale thresholds are also shown in this chart with dashed lines. When your queue time rises above your upscale threshold, you should see a corresponding upscale event in the dynos chart below (assuming autoscaling is enabled).

Dynos Chart

This chart shows the number of dynos running in your application over time. When your app is autoscaled, you’ll see the number of dynos increase or decrease.

External scaling activity is also shown in this chart. If you manually adjust your dynos through the Heroku CLI or web interface, those changes will be reflected alongside scale events triggered by Rails Autoscale.