Plans & Pricing

There are nine plans available for the Rails Autoscale Heroku add-on.


Rails Autoscale has a free plan that’s limited by the number of autoscale events each month and eight paid plans that are tiered based the highest number of dynos you’ve configured for autoscaling.

Note: Previously there was a 7-day trial plan, but that has been replaced with the free plan.

The free plan

Think of the free plan as a “safety net” for a Rails app that doesn’t require constant autoscaling. The free plan has all the features of paid plans, but you’re limited to 20 autoscale events per month.

You’ll see a banner in your settings with details on how much of this quota is remaining and how to upgrade.

Free plan quota

After your app is autoscaled 20 times, you’ll have a 24-hour grace period to upgrade to a paid plan before autoscaling is disabled. You will also receive an email notification.

Free plan grace period

When the grace period expires, Rails Autoscale will not autoscale your app until your quota resets the following month. You’ll get an email for this as well.

Free plan with autoscaling disabled

Quotas reset each calendar month. For autoscaling to be re-enabled on your app, you can wait for the next month or upgrade to a paid plan.

Paid plans are priced based on the highest number of dynos (max dynos) that you’ve configured within Rails Autoscale.

Price chart

Here’s where “max dynos” comes from within Rails Autoscale:

Max dynos

In this example, the max dynos for web dynos is 3, and the max dynos for worker dynos is 5. If these were all standard (1X or 2X) dynos, this app would need a Standard Silver plan ($39/mo), which supports up to 9 max dynos.

If either web or worker dynos were performance (P-M, P-L, Private, or Shield) dynos, the app would need a Performance Silver plan ($99/mo).

Note that max dynos are only relevant for dynos with autoscaling enabled. If worker dynos were not being autoscaled, a Bronze plan would be sufficient.

Max dynos with autoscaling disabled

What happens when you need to upgrade

If you make a settings change the would require an upgrade, you’ll get a message telling you exactly which plan you need.

Prompt to upgrade on settings page

If you have any questions about which plan is right for you, please email us.